File a Claim

File a Claim

When Losses Happen - We Help You

If you have a fire or serious storm damage, get yourself and family to safety, call emergency authorities and get medical help for the injured. Do not sign anything or make any decisions except those immediately required to take care of your family and property.

We are here to help you file your claim so that an adjustor is assigned quickly to begin the claims adjustment process with you. Some of the insurance companies represented by our agency are set up for direct claims reporting. If your policy is with one of the insurance companies on the list below, please contact the company directly to file your claim. Doing so should expedite the assignment of your claim to an adjustor. This is especially helpful to you after a storm type event where claim filing volume may be high. Otherwise, if you are unable to file your claim using the below link to your insurance company, or by calling your insurance company directly , call our office to report your claim.

Insurance Companies Set Up For Direct Claims Reporting

CarrierWebsite Link to File ClaimReport By Phone 232-6992
Farmers Mutual 498-0954
Franklin 842-0551 503-3724
Narragansett Bay Insurance (800) 343-3375
Plymouth Rock 725-6423 776-4737
ShoreOne 201-0394
Universal 470-0599
Wright National Flood 323-8841

File Your Claim Promptly & Refer To Your Policy For Your Duties After A Loss

It is important that you file your claim promptly. You should refer to your policy, including the provisions dealing with your duties after a loss occurs.

Do These Immediately

For a Auto, Home or other loss, please click here to learn more.

What should I expect?

There are certain things you can expect to happen after a loss. These can vary depending on the type of loss, amount of loss, the company handling the loss, and a variety of circumstances.